Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantity Manager?

Quantity Manager is a very simple inventory management app.  eBay's default search algorithm (best match) gives a boost to fixed price listings based on recent sales.  This encourages sellers to post all of their inventory within a single listing, but buyers tend to buy when quantity is scarce.  Quantity Manager will automatically refresh a listing's available quantity after every sale until that listing is sold out.

What happens when I list a new item?

When listing a new item it will automatically appear within Quantity Manager.  You will however need to tell Quantity Manager the quantity that is actually in stock and the quantity you want Quantity Manager to display to potential buyers.  Default settings allow you to skip this step each time a new item is listed.  By default Quantity Manager will use the original quantity available on eBay as the amount you have in stock.

What about when I relist an item?

When you list an item Quantity Manager tries to match it with your recently ended listings.  If a match is found Quantity Manager will use the information from the original listing.  To take advantage of this feature the listing must be relisted within 30 days and must use the same title.

How many of each item should I set to Display?

Each item is different.  For instance some products may sell better in bulk rather than individually.  For Quantity Manager to be of any use you must specify a Display quantity of at least 2.  If a buyer purchases exactly the amount specified by Display in a single order, the listing will end before QM can refresh it*.  This means that if you were to provide a Display quantity of 1 then your listing would end the moment a purchase was made*.  If your item typically sells individually we recommend having a Display quantity of two or three.  If it is common for buyers to purchase more than one at a time it is recommend that you set a Display quantity of one or two greater than the most that is typically bought in a single order.

* This limitation does not apply to multi-variation listings whose child listings can have quantities of 0 without ending.  For a more detailed explanation of this limitation see our blog.

How quickly will Quantity Manager refresh my inventory?

A typical response time is six seconds.  If your inventory isn't being refreshed after more than a few minutes please check your settings.  If there are no issues with your setup please file a support request.

How much does this service cost?

Every new user is given a seven day free trial to evaluate our service.  See our fee schedule for a list of costs.

Do you need my eBay password?

No, we use the eBay API which is the official method for third party developers to access eBay accounts.  You will only need to generate a token giving us authority to access your account during our linking process.

What personal information do you collect?

When creating an account with Quantity Manager we will collect your name, email address, country, state, and postal code.  All other information will be optional.  It is highly recommended that you don't use your eBay password when creating your account.