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New Billing Platform Migration For App Center Subscribers

October 29th, 2018

This is a followup to our previous announcement regarding our new billing platform. For further background please see New Billing Platform .  For information on how to access our website directly after the eBay App Center closes please see Deprecation of eBay Apps Center .

We have finally been given the green light by eBay to transfer App Center accounts’ billing to our own billing platform.  Since October 15th eBay has stop charging the flat rate portion of our fees.  Everyone on one of our flat rate billing plans and on the 15th billing cycle received a $0 invoice for October 15th – November 14th.  Customers on our standard plan and on the 15th billing cycle received an invoice containing only the quantity refresh fees.  Customers on the 1st billing cycle will receive $0 invoices regardless of billing plan.  Any amounts claimed by eBay on future invoices will be for previously unpaid fees only and do not represent new charges.

All users will need to set up a new payment method by going to our billing page at https://www.qtyman.com/billing.php .  Now that we are finally in control of our own billing subscribers should hopefully see most of the friction created by eBay finally removed.

Fees have not been changed for any of our subscribers and fees will continue to be billed on the same cycles as before.  We will however attempt to close open invoices faster than eBay who waited waited 2 weeks to charge and only made one attempt per month leading to many customers to be suspended or cancelled despite trying to keep current.

At this time yearly subscribers have not been migrated as we are still waiting for eBay to give us yearly renewal dates of our subscribers.

Here is how billing will work for newly migrated users:

1st billing cycle

Your subscription will start on November 1st.  For flat rate subscribers an invoice will be generated containing your monthly fee for the month of November.  For standard plan users an invoice will be generated containing your $5 flat monthly fee for the month of November plus any usage fees accrued during the month of October.  Subscribers on the 1st billing cycle will see no difference compared to how eBay would have billed if they were still handling billing.

15th billing cycle

Your subscription has been backdated to October 15th.  For flat rate subscribers an invoice will be generated containing your monthly fee for the month October 15th – November 14th.  For standard plan subscribers an invoice will be generated containing your $5 flat monthly fee only since eBay has already invoiced you for all quantity refresh fees through October 15th. This means standard plan subscribers will have received two October invoices, one from eBay containing only refresh fees and one from us containing just the flat $5.  Your next invoice on November 15th will contain any usage fees accrued from October 15th – November 14th and be the same as how eBay would have billed if they were still handling billing.

New Billing Platform

October 10th, 2018

Today we officially launch our new billing platform for use with Quantity Manager. Subscribers will now receive and pay for all invoices through this new system rather than paying via PayPal directly. There are no changes in the amounts being charged. However, we are moving from an entirely post pay model to the same hybrid pre and post paid model that eBay’s App Center used. For future and direct website subscribers this means the flat rate portion of your bill is now invoiced for the month in advance while the refresh usage fees for the previous month are charged as part of the next month’s invoice. Upon cancellation all usage fees will become immediately due while any unused portion of the flat monthly fee will be refunded. Subscribers who have migrated from the eBay App Center will find no change in their billing and their billing cycle will remain the same as previously.

Outstanding invoices generated through our legacy system must still be paid at https://www.qtyman.com/billing.php . Outstanding invoices generated through eBay’s App Center must still be paid through eBay. However no new invoices will be generated via either system.

App Center subscribers will have their accounts automatically migrated over the next few days.

10 Years

October 7th, 2018

10 years ago today we launched our first app, Quantity Manager. It started as a simple idea to take advantage of the changing eBay platform which had begun forcing sellers to consolidate their listings into single multi-quantity listings. At the time multi-quantity listings could only show their full quantity which was later replaced with the option to show “More than 10 available”. This change negatively impacted sellers by removing the urgency from buyers to make a purchase. Quantity Manager solves that problem by hiding this count from eBay so buyers only see an artificially low quantity. Quantity Manager was launched within weeks of eBay allowing quantity changes to existing listings and was the first app of its kind. Quantity Manager rose in popularity a year later in 2009 when it became one of 17 launch partners with eBay’s App Center. It was further recognized by eBay in 2010 when it was given eBay’s Star Developer Award.

A recent study conducted by eBay showed when considering free shipping, item price, item location, seller feedback, and scarcity that scarcity was the biggest factor in determining whether a buyer would complete their purchase after visiting an item. Free shipping was the second biggest factor. Over 60% of all listings in the study that had sales had a quantity of only 1 or 2.

In those 10 years we have onboarded nearly 15000 eBay sellers and automatically refreshed quantities of our sellers’ listings after a sale over 54 million times. The vast majority of quantity refreshes have occurred within 10 seconds of each sale with some as quickly as 4 seconds.  We are currently monitoring almost 2M listings and almost 11M when considering variations separately.  And this has been accomplished with an uptime of 99.93% since 2011 which is about 7x better than eBay.

Deprecation of eBay Apps Center

September 12th, 2018

On August 31st eBay sent a notice to developers that the eBay App Center will be closing in November. Billing will cease after the next invoices run on September 15th and October 1st with the embedded application ceasing to function in November. At this time no action is required of our users. Existing users should not reregister with our service as all App Center subscribers already have an account on our website.

In order to access our external application simply logout from our website and perform a Forgot Password using your eBay username with “sma-” prepended. This is based on the username you had on eBay at the time you first subscribed.  For example if your eBay username was ebayuser1 then your username would be sma-ebayuser1.

We anticipate having a new billing system up and running during the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Expect an email requesting payment details through our Chargebee portal. If you do not receive one please visit our billing page.

Users who would like to try out our service who do not have an active subscription can register at https://www.qtyman.com/register.php.

September 9th, 2013

One advantage of network access controls is that users can be required to authenticate via multi factor authentication (MFA) when using such services. This can be achieved through a rule based on a unique algorithm that the administrator controls and that the user must establish using her fingerprint. If a device is accessed over a network without the correct authentication settings the device will not receive the correct authentication, and the device will be considered compromised, look at these guys to get to know more about it!

What Does A Cybersecurity Engineer Do And How Can They Benefit My Business?  We Take An In Depth Look - Pegasus Technologies

This section provides the most recent version of this topic.

Deploying this section

Note This section applies to Exchange Server 2010. For information about how to deploy this section for Exchange Server 2013, see “How to deploy this section for Exchange Server 2013” later in this section.

Before deploying this section for Exchange Server 2010, you must secure all transport mechanisms and software applications that are accessible via network transport from any user with malicious intent that can remotely gain access to network services on your Exchange Server. This includes all network services used by the Exchange Management Shell, e.g. IIS,.NET Framework, Autodiscover, and client access to the FQDN. Additionally, network servers, such as all network boot clients and all network PIMs, must be configured to use a unique user account and password to access them. Finally, you must configure all Active Directory objects within your organization to only allow users with the appropriate credentials to access them. You must also secure the SMTP server that is used to send messages to the Exchange Management Shell.

This section also deploys the most recent updates and enhancements to Exchange Server 2010 to ensure that the Exchange server is fully operational after the update has been applied. For details about these updates, see “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: The most recent updates and enhancements” later in this section.

Competitive analysis in SEO

April 8th, 2013

Competitive analysis in SEO is the process of identifying any website that outranks you for the keywords and topics relevant to your business, including the payments as well, as you need to learn how to create pay stubs since these are essential as well. These factors may be natural (a competitor using SEO tricks to outrank you) or calculated through keyword research, keyword optimization techniques and the work of pitch deck consultants as a presentation that provides your audience with an overview of what your business offers.(For an in-depth analysis of Google’s ranking algorithm, read the following.)

Top 5 Best SEO Tools In 2021 | Design Point Digital

It is important to note that SEO is not one-size-fits-all. This is due to the variety of factors to consider when ranking for specific keywords. While general SEO might be a good idea, as this could help you land more customers and you can also analyze customer segmentation if you use software from sites like https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/brand/customer-segmentation/ online.

Google does not use how long the words are, the number of words in a word, or the first letter in a word to determine how important it is to rank for a keyword.

Also, Google does not include links from external sites, such as directories or product recommendations, in ranking algorithms. However, if your product is somehow associated with a website that you believe has good keyword suggestions, then linking out may be beneficial.

Different factors determine how relevant a site or a keyword is for your business. Certain tools and services may result in more traffic from a specific category or keyword, but may not be especially relevant to your business so it is important to use the right strategy, click here for an example on how it works with businesses relating your home.

Nowadays it is free to become famous on a video platform like TikTok easily which can make anyone achieve its goals to be popular and loved by the public. You have to stay patient and pray for luck so that it can help you increase your visibility on a social platform and even go viral on TikTok and this way you can promote your business or products.

Search engines look at the site and any related content and may alter the results accordingly. Since web pages and articles can be altered to adapt to change and this could affect rankings, this is another reason to consider careful keywords and content, as people look for many things online, from general knowledge to even services for their games like a place to buy wotlk classic gold for World of Warcraft which is a really popular game now a days.

Reviewing existing content for long-tail keywords can help increase your SEO visibility by effectively linking out to your content from sources on the web. Aside from these, everybody knows that having a good interior room signage is vital for the prosperity of any business.

Keep on reading more about SEO by just visiting websites like https://victoriousseo.com/verticals/ecommerce-seo/.

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