I have recently started to use the Quantity Manager tool advertised on Tamebay. It allows me to limit the stock visible to customers to 2 items, rather than the Ebay default of 10 or more, seems to be working as i have noticed an uptake in Sales since using it.

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Use Quantity Manager - http://www.qtyman.com/

Developed in the last week or so by someone active on this site and now offering a free 7 day trial you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
So do have a look at this solution if you have multiple quantities of the same product but don't want 55 of the same item live on ebay at any one time. Our own ebay sales have increased since using this and it's cheaper than employing an umpalumpa to update quantities on an ongoing basis. :)

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I am almost in tears over this I am so happy. I don't know how I worked without it!

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I don't want the competition to know about it.

From a private conversation with a client when discussing a hypothetical sponsored billing plan.

Of course, if there's some problems with eBay and people notice something wrong with their listings just after trying out your app, they might see QM as the culprit, as I did at first, and leave and not come back as you say. I hope not (well, in a way I hope they do, since QM works wonders and it's advantageous for me if others don't use it, haha).

Regarding a support ticket filed involving a glitch with eBay, not with Quantity Manager. (Emphasis mine)